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This exhibition of my recent paintings endeavours to create visual places of repose amidst the visual and auditory stimulation with which we are constantly bombarded.

The paintings reflect the meeting point of the abstraction of the sounds of jazz and the reflective pure space of meditation – the moment-to- moment mindfulness of pure sound in space.

Wanderings through both the urban and rural landscape track the swirling sounds of music.  The paintings can be seen as sound made visible.  Read the paintings exactly as you would ‘hear’ music.  The two senses are indivisible.

To see these paintings is to hear the music they contain, just as listening to music can evoke vivid and colorful images in the mind.  Sound and image, space and silence.

Listen to the paintings and see the music – a reversal of our habitual response to art.

I hope that the paintings move towards moments of silence at the centre of chaos.

Luminous Ground.