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The works in this exhibition span a period of five years. A period of moving out of the inner city. Beginning with a series of pencil drawings done on holiday by the sea through larger pastel drawings and paintings they explore a territory of abstract impressions of the city.

The works have evolved through an exploration of techniques using drawing, collage and paint to build the surfaces through successive superimpositions and erasings of images.

A fluid amalgamation of visual impressions to a jazz soundtrack.

In as much as it is possible to state where painting comes from and what paintings are I have included some working notes that may establish entry points to the work.

Painting as a manifestation of the invisible
The canvas as place

Invisible cities
Aerial view

From Persian painting - multiple narratives in the same pictorial space
Inverted space - Interior Exterior
The meeting / melting point of Event Emotion Mood Subject Surface

The Invisible City. The city that has gone missing.
The city that has been left behind
The city that cannot be seen
The city that we carry with us in our minds
The city ruin of antiquity
The city of the future
The city of the dream
The pastoral realm at the edge of the city

Layering the various traces of memory
The image that most resembles the memory
The building up of densities by the repetition of close attention.

There are the jumps sideways and backwards. There is the jump to sound.